Why Choose Us

Reasons for choosing our clinic

1. Open every day.

We are always ready to support your health 365 days a year. Please feel free to contact us anytime you have sudden symptoms or concerns.

A view of the clinic

Hibari Clinic
Hibari Clinic
Hibari Clinic
Hibari Clinic
Hibari Clinic

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2. Various insurances are available

Various types of overseas travel insurance and medical insurance are accepted, and cashless medical services are available.

Various types of Japanese insurance

3. Medical Facilities

In order to provide safe and high quality medical care, we are equipped with ECG, suction machine, nebulizer, blood glucose meter, etc.



Suction Machine

Suction Machine



Blood Glucose Meter

Blood Glucose Meter

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4. Eliminate various concerns

Consultations are provided by female physicians

Japanese-language interpreters are always available for consultations. All gynecological consultations are provided by female physicians.

5. Reservation Priority

In our clinic, reservation priority system is applied. To minimize waiting time, please contact us before visiting our clinic.

6. Convenient Access

Our clinic is located in a convenient location for Japanese residents.

7. Full Japanese language support. Phone calls and reception are also available in Japanese.

Feel secure with our Japanese-speaking staff.
  • Feel secure with our Japanese-speaking staff.
  • Japanese language services are available in all areas, including phone support, reception, billing, and the pharmacy.
  • There are few occasions to use English for medical care in your daily life. Therefore, even if you do not feel any difficulty in using English in your daily life, it is difficult to communicate your symptoms during a medical examination. However, patients' explanations of symptoms are an extremely important source of information for us to examine the patient. That is why we have a Japanese-speaking system in place to listen to the specific symptoms of our patients as much as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions or concerns you may have in Japanese. We will provide you with the comfort that you can communicate with us in Japanese.

8. All prescribed medications are accompanied by a Medicine Instruction Sheet

Medicine Instruction Sheet

For those who are anxious about taking medicine, Hibari Clinic will prepare a " medicine instruction sheet" in Japanese when prescribing medicine.

In Japan, a detailed explanation of the medication is included in the Medicine Information Form. Therefore, you have not had any major concerns when taking the medication. However, overseas, you may be surprised at the medicines and their size, which you have never seen in Japan.

Even adults feel a little nervous when they take medicines, so they must be very careful when giving them to their children. Some parents may be researching the ingredients of their medications on the Internet and comparing them to other medications before using them. We would like to help alleviate some of these concerns.

Locations & Inquiries

Address:HIBARI CLINIC, Unit 1201 High Street South Corporate Plaza, Tower 1, 26th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 1634
Phone Number:(02) 70012397 (English Only)

For inquiries or to set an appointment in Japanese, please reach us with the LINE app.
Operation Hours:
(Open 365days)
(Reception close on 12:30)
(Reception close on 17:30)