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Mama Cafe Hibari – event report for October 14

20.10.2023 | Events


We had a Mama Cafe event last week, on October 14.
This time we welcomed 6 mothers and 9 kids, and we had a cozy and friendly time.

Thank you very much to those who participated!


October Mama Cafe Snapshots

Just as usual Mama Cafe, our paediatric doctor and our medical translator participated in the event.
We had a consultation session regarding raising kids in the Philippines, as well as free chat session.

In our Mama Cafe, we always prepare some play mats and toys for babies and kids to relax and play freely.
Glad to see all of them enjoy the cozy environment with us.


Furthermore, as a special collaboration, we invited Bakeshop Tomono to host a pastries tasting session.
Here is the photo of the beautiful breads and pastries!


One of the unique qualities about Bakeshop Tomono is that their bakeries are made by a Japanese chef, Mr. Ono.

Bakeshop Tomonoさんのシェフ、小野さん
(Photo of Chef Ono and delicious pastries)

Tomono's breads are all additive-free and safe to anyone including children. How amazing it is to be able to get by Japanese style bakeries while in the Philippines!

Check out their website and social media for menus and latest updates!

Shop location: GF Eton Parkview Greenbelt, Soria St., Legazpi Village, Makati
TEL: 0956-658-2061
Opening hours: 7:00am - 7:00pm (closed on Sundays)


We all enjoyed a special version of Mama Cafe this time.
Hope Mama Cafe by Hibari Clinic can be a helpful and fun place for everyone to visit.


November Mama Cafe is coming soon!

Mama Cafe is a monthly event. Next event details to be shared soon.
Our Mama Cafe needs no booking, no admission fee. Besides, participants are free to enter/exit anytime during the event.

Check out our social media and website for more details of the next event!


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