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Schedule Your Flu Shot Appointment

04.10.2023 | News


When the temperature drops during the rainy season and your body cools down due to air conditioning and other factors, your body's resistance may decrease, making you more susceptible to the flu. If you get wet in the rain, wipe yourself warm, wash your hands and gargle thoroughly. 🧴🧼🙏

It is also effective to get vaccinated to prevent serious illness. 🙆‍♀️

It is recommended that the flu shot be administered annually.
It is recommended that those who plan to return to Japan or travel abroad in the wintertime, especially those who are planning to travel abroad, get inoculated in a systematic manner. ✈️🧳

Hibari Clinic is now accepting reservations for flu shot.

Available for adults and children. 👌

If you are interested, please contact us from LINE. 👉
To add friends by LINE ID @hibariclinicph 🌸